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The part of our property which was logged now is taking on the appearance of a
lovely and thriving park.  My honest feeling is that this project could be used
as a model of what good logging practices can produce when care and feeling are
exercised.  It was truly a unique experience dealing with the integrity of these
fine people.

Thomas E. Martin
Pollock Pines, Calif.

I just wanted to say WOW!  In a matter of hours your brushing equipment can
transform the most overgrown piece of raw land imaginable into a cleared road or
building site.  I used to budget four times the time and twice the money to get
half the results.

Roy E. Carter
Pres. of Carter Homes

From now on, whenever I hear the saying "above and beyond the call of duty", you
and your logging crew will come to mind.  I knew you couldn't possibly do as
good a job as you promised.  YOU DID BETTER!  The first time I went to see my
property after it was logged, I was prepared to be "unprepared" for what I saw. 
I knew my expectations were going to let me down.  When I saw the property, I
cried.  The effort the men took in falling the trees so as not to cause damage
to surrounding trees was quite evident.  I am so proud to say Ault Logging did
the logging on my property.

Jeanne Blau
Cameron Park, Calif.

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Believe me I would highly recommend them over anyone else.  This company in my
area has the top rating for doing logging jobs.

Evelyn R. Mills
Camino, Calif.